Turkish Angora Cat

Turkish Angora Cat

Here is a photo that I shot last September. I didn’t trust my eyes when I saw this beautiful white cat lying in the grass on an overgrown garden plot. I shot several photos and I will upload some of the other perspectives in the future because I couldn’t decide now. I also might embed them in a gallery in the future but for now, I just wanted to show you this photo. I researched because I wondered what kind of cat race it is. I think it must be a Turkish Angora cat. Maybe it is a lost cat but it could also be that the cat belongs to one of the garden tenants as I saw the cat again in the same garden alley another day. Now, I think I already have a decent amount of cat photos on my blog, that’s cool.


6 thoughts on “Turkish Angora Cat

    1. I noticed when I see a cat roaming around in the same garden alley or on the garden plots in that alley, it’s almost certain the cat belongs to one of the tenants. Especially if I see that cat several times a month near the same path. With some exceptions as some tenants feed the feral cats and some cats might stay around the place, where they’re being fed. I got told, some of the cats I thought would belong to someone, actually were feral cats, according to some tenants.

      I agree with you, in this case, the coat is telling. Usually, I am not so sure about the coat. When I think about my cat, she grooms herself like 10 times a day. So far, I also haven’t seen many dirty feral cats in our area, I don’t know why. But I’ve seen some full of fleas. I’ve just seen a few dirty cats but at the same time they appeared ill, maybe they stop grooming when they get a disease.

      But like you, I am super sure this white cat belongs to someone. This cat also looks like groomed with a brush. I think you are right.

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