The Birthday of Grandpa, Chat About old Times and the Photo Albums

Today is grandpa’s birthday and the family came together to celebrate him. It is already some kind of tradition to talk about family birthdays on my blog, although I missed to write about some when I was too busy, but I usually try to do a recap. Normally I do upload photos of the cakes we did eat and this time we had cakes as well but I thought I do something else now. I show you some photos of grandpa’s and grandma’s old travel photo album. They travelled a lot with ships because grandpa was musician, guitarist and singer … Continue reading The Birthday of Grandpa, Chat About old Times and the Photo Albums

My Birthday Cakes 2014

Yesterday was my birthday and I became 33 years old. How time flies! I wouldn’t say that I am now in a midlife crisis but it definitely makes me thoughtful anyway. However, the better thinking is that we should be happy about each year of our life. I celebrated this with my family yesterday and I should go on with a tradition of my blog, I should post my birthday cakes as I did it last year too. This year we had less cakes on the table as we did celebrate in a smaller circle as some family members were … Continue reading My Birthday Cakes 2014

Mom´s Birthday And The Family Meet Up

Yesterday on June 12, the whole family celebrated the birthday of my mother. My mom invited us all and she made cake. We call this “Kaffee und Kuchen” in Germany and it means “Coffee and Cake” because that´s what it is about. Meet each other, drinking coffee and eating cake, while it doesn´t mean that you have to drink coffee. Meetings like this one are just called this way here. My mother had tasty cake on the table that she made. We all enjoyed it. It was one big banana mandarin cake and one kiwi peach cake and cream that … Continue reading Mom´s Birthday And The Family Meet Up

I Did Order Birthday Gifts Online For My Mother

I had still some money left over on my PayPal account and my mother will celebrate birthday on June 12. I am usually not so creative when it comes to birthday gifts but I know that my mother likes different kind of perfumes and I also know what kind of perfumes. I opened the Douglas website and found out that they allow to check out with PayPal. I did put four different perfumes in the shopping basket. The eau de toilette called Maroussia by Slava Zaitsev, the eau de parfum called Miro Soleil, Thierry Mugler Angel and Jil Sander Sun. … Continue reading I Did Order Birthday Gifts Online For My Mother

Spontaneous Birthday Party Of A Friend…

A friend had birthday last saturday and he didn´t plan anything but when I called him on his birthday and after talking some minutes, he said that we could still plan a spontaneous party. I said why not and he invited a few other friends who called him later. We went to the store and bought a bottle whisky and a lot of beer. I told him “Mate, I am not 20 anymore and as I understand there are also not 20 people invited to your party to empty all the drinks!” but he said nevermind and who knows what … Continue reading Spontaneous Birthday Party Of A Friend…