Cringeworthy Scam Attempts

Scam emails are always cringeworthy and amusing. So, recently there are more and more scammers targeting domain owners. Seriously, that’s hilarious! Who is doing that? I mean, you must be an idiot if you think a webmaster would fall for a scam email. Whoever is sending out these emails, it must be an extremely dim person, or I am wrong and some people really fall for it. Most often I don’t even get scam emails as they land in the spam folder, but sometimes a few come through but I delete them right away, unless they are way too funny. … Continue reading Cringeworthy Scam Attempts

Charlie Likes To Watch Wildlife Documentaries

I saw this now a few times, Charlie the dog of my mother is always curious about the TV, especially when animals are moving across the screen. I am glad my mother shot some images of him while he is in front of the TV, because it’s so funny, it might make you smile as well. I definitely had to share the images with you, it’s as if he enjoys to watch TV. Continue reading Charlie Likes To Watch Wildlife Documentaries

Hilarious Spam Comment Examples Part 3

Considering that there is not much comedy on my blog, apart from my Memes maybe, I thought that some spam comments are so amusing, that they could spice up my blog with humor. I am not sure at this point, but this is the reason why I created the Hilarious Spam Comment Examples series. Above you can see one great example and this comment got for sure my attention. I mean, I am the only one who would like to have fans? The guy who did think out the comment seems to be a true fan. Sometimes it is really … Continue reading Hilarious Spam Comment Examples Part 3

Hilarious Spam Comment Examples Part 2

It´s some time ago when I introduced my series of Hilarious Spam Comment Examples. However, I just did start with one example at that time and didn´t go on with the series. One of the reasons is, because Akisment works very well and puts most of the spam comments into the spam folder. But I do also manually approve all comments and sometimes I still find spam. So, lets take another example… Above you can see a comment that got my attention. The person or bot did try to place this comment on one of my Luebeck articles. It was … Continue reading Hilarious Spam Comment Examples Part 2