First Spring Flowers

I think the ground is still quite cold. We had some warm days but also some extremely cold days over the last weeks. Yesterday I saw the flowers below. It’s a sign of spring, a little bit late, but finally it looks a little bit like spring. I saw others, but they all come late.

First Spring Flowers

6 thoughts on “First Spring Flowers

  1. Here of course we are just planting these. I have some in a bed that were planted many years ago and I noticed the other day that they were poking above ground already. I think they will be early this year.

    1. I like that. I am curious what my mother will plant in her garden. I think there will be some plants from last year but she said she might also buy other seed.

      1. I wouldn’t like to have any difficult flowers either. That is also one of the reasons why I have palms instead of flowers in my living room… even if you forget them for a while, they are still ok. And I do forget it often to water them, but they are ok with it 😀

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