Snapshot: Abandoned Building In Wismar

Abandoned Building In Wismar

This is a snapshot taken with the smartphone on a car trip in Wismar, a city in Eastern Germany. I like abandoned buildings, this would be a nice place to take lots of texture photos with the DSLR camera, or usual abandoned architecture photos.

I like urban photography and abandoned stuff. We have some abandoned buildings in Lübeck too, I did already visit some places to take photos, I just didn’t have the time yet to choose the best urban photos, to edit them and to upload them to my blog, but I will do that as I like photos of abandoned things.

6 thoughts on “Snapshot: Abandoned Building In Wismar

  1. I’m the same way. Abandoned buildings have always intrigued me. I’ve actually wanted to get into photography myself to see what I can do and capture the beauty in these buildings and show others what they are missing. That’s a great picture for a smartphone, though 🙂

    1. Same here, I am not sure what I like about it, it’s probably the kind of desolation, to find out how things look like if nobody cares about the objects anymore 😀

      The photo is shot out of the car, it’s sad, because it would be a great place to take photos, although I wouldn’t go in there, you never know how stable the building still is 😀

      You should try out photography, it is a lot of fun to capture moments!

      1. Thanks, I’m going to start saving up money for a nice camera! Any suggestions for decent cameras for beginners?

      2. I’d suggest the way I did it. I found out about my interest and if I really want to invest in this hobbby in three stages…

        1. I started this blog here in 2011 and noticed that text content without photos is boring, I eventually started taking photos with my smartphone only for that reason, to have images for my posts.

        2. I noticed that taking photos was actually much more fun than I thought. I started to create text content around photos and stopped to take photos for text content. At this stage I noticed some limits of my smartphone camera and bought a quite cheap digital camera for around 50 Euro (55 US Dollar) in a German retail store as they had this offer.
        This cheap digital camera could take some better photos. Here is a post I wrote about this digital camera when I got this in 2012: My english was probably worse compared to today 😀

        3. At some point I thought the digital camera was limiting me now too, I wanted to have a faster camera, a camera that could take photos in exorbitant higher resolution and so on (for better editing in Photoshop and Lightroom). It was clear, I got sucked into photography, I did need a DSLR camera and bought the Nikon D7100. My thoughts, and roadmap to this camera was documented here: took me a while to save the money but it was the right decision.

        So…. I wouldn’t suggest you the exact same gear, since there are many good cameras out there, but I would suggest the same route from smartphone, to digital camera, and then maybe even to a DSLR camera. It’s the cheapest way to find out if you will take this hobby more serious. I wouldn’t suggest to buy a DSLR right away, it would cost a lot and you can not be sure if you stay interested.

        I’d say… take your phone and take a lot of pictures, until you think “Hmm, that was fine for a long time, but I need a digital camera now because I miss some functions”. And then you take a lot of photos with the digital camera and if you again think “Hmm, that was fine for a long time, but I need a DSRL now because I miss some functions”, a DSLR is of course the next higher level that will make you happy 🙂

        It’s hard to suggest you a digital camera as I don’t know what your price limit is, and what exactly you need. I didn’t think too much about it when I got my first one… I just knew I wanted to shoot close-up photos of flowers, my phone didn’t do that well, and I heard this digital camera in the retailer had a “macro mode” for close-up photos… so, I could take better close-up photos with that. That’s why I suggested the stages… you can only find out about your demands if you start with the lowest possible gear, you can take great photos with a smartphone, but you might notice at some point that something is missing, that’s how you learn what you will need next, and then you need to read a lot of camera reviews to decide whats the best next product for you 🙂

  2. Very sensible photography advice Dennis for anyone starting out. Abandoned buildings are a very interesting subject. I like to photograph them too partly to record their existence before they make way for something else and also if the architecture is interesting in some way or, as you said, the desolation.

    1. Yes, recording the existence is a good reason too, because when they build something new there, you can come back and take a new picture to eventually create one of these “now and then” collages. It can be both, recording desolation, and maybe even progress when new things appear at the same spot. 🙂

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