Forest Flowers

Forest Flowers

At the time I’ve been in Reinfeld, I really enjoyed it to hike through the small forests in that area. I did this regularly when I had free time, and it always helped me to gain new energy. I had my camera with me most of the time as I searched for photo subjects. In this post you can see a photo of flowers that I found in the forest. There was always something unexpected happening, one morning I found deer in the forest, another day a mouse by the wayside, I met talkative people on my way, or strangers with dogs, or I enjoyed the sunrise in the forest. The forest is also beautiful in winter, and some of my bird photos have been taken in or near the forest. When I had the forests close to me, I never felt boredom, each of my hikes was interesting. I love nature so much and miss the place a bit.


4 thoughts on “Forest Flowers

  1. I can see that you have become a convert to the country way of life Dennis. The fortunate thing about a place such as Reinfeld is that it is not really that far away from Lubeck so it would be possible to live there and commute to the city for work, study or whatever. Maybe you will find yourself doing that one day.

    1. Yes that could be an option some day, although it is cheaper to live in the city. There are some other beautiful towns around my city or in our federal state too. It’s still possible to visit them while living in Lübeck, but living in the country and having the nature directly in front of the door, that was big plus. Hiking 10 minutes to enjoy the beautiful forest, that was pretty cool. 🙂

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