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Undercover Kitty Again


Remember my post with the title Undercover Kitty? Weeks later, I might have found the same cat again and shot many photos. I am not 100% sure but it could be the same cat or it’s the same litter. If it’s the same cat, this time it might have recognized me and it wasn’t afraid of me. I shot several photos and at the top, you see one of them. I will upload more photos in the future.


    • I found the cat around the same place. The mark beside the right eye made me think it’s the same cat. But somehow it looks still different… might be the different light conditions. But somehow the one in the current post looks slightly more grown… maybe because it’s 4 weeks apart. I really don’t know. However, like you, I am 100% certain it’s at least the same litter or relative.

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