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We had a great Day in Mölln and I took Tons of new Photos which I will show you in the Future


Today we decided spontaneous to drive from Lübeck to Mölln in Germany. Mölln is a smaller Town southward of Lübeck or let me say south-eastern of our North German Federal State called Schleswig-Holstein.

It´s a small Town with round about 20.000 Citizen but the Area there has still a lot to offer. It´s in fact a popular Tourist Destination. There is a lot of Nature around Mölln and indeed a lot of Culture to enjoy.

But we decided to drive to Mölln to visit a great Animal Park we know there. After visiting the Animal Park we decided to drive through the Town of Mölln too.

The Photo above is a Photo of Mölln. We took this Photo from a small Hill near a Church but I took the Photo in the Direction of many Roofs of the Town Mölln. I anyhow did like this View of this sleepy and old german Town.

Indeed I took Tons of new Photos and I will upload them to my Blog over the next Time but as always just bit by bit. 😉


    • Thank you 🙂 The direction of the sun was really a problem but I wanted a photo of these roofs of Mölln. I think I found a position where the sun doesn´t destroy the whole photo. I think you are right.. in this case the shine of the sun is somewhat ok 🙂

      What I just found out is that on most of my photos the heaven seems to be white instead of blue. The heaven is often to bright. I must try differend settings of my camera and look where the problem is. In the photo above the heaven was rather blue instead of white 😀

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