A Beautiful Bird Searching For Food

In the two photos above, you see a bird called Eurasian blue tit (Cyanistes caeruleus). It looks as if this bird was searching for food on top of the tree, because I assume they search for small insects in the moss. I also do like how the bark moss looks like, and to be honest, if I would be a bird, I’d like to sit there too (laugh). I like that a brighter season starts, it is much easier to take pictures of birds when the days become brighter. I am amazed how much birds I can find in Reinfeld, but maybe it’s just because I started to pay more attention to them, or because I look for them.

6 thoughts on “A Beautiful Bird Searching For Food

  1. I think it is a bit of each. It’s spring where you are and the birds are more active and your time in Reinfeld probably has made you more aware of them. I certainly notice birds more now that more of them come to my garden but especially in spring when there were a lot in the apple tree and flying in and out of the shed looking for a spot to nest or raising a family.

    1. Yep, I am totally happy that spring is starting soon. I agree, as the birds become more active, I do too 🙂 I saw a lot of birds in Reinfeld near the pond in the winter, I was surprised, but now that it gets brighter, there are even more, they really get much more active now.

  2. We have very similar little birds … in green, and blue, and a couple with black markings. They are always a pleasure to watch 🙂 Moss is great. I think they also use it to line their nests, so he/she may have been searching for soft pieces to line a nest.

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