A close-up Shot of a Bumblebee which is collecting Pollen from a yellow Flower


I did caught this Bumblebee in a great Moment. The Bumblebee seems to collect Pollen from the yellow Flower. I guess this is a great Shot considering that I did shoot the Photo with my low-budget Medion MD 86830 Digital Camera. I just increased the Contrast of the Image a little bit.

Last Month my Mom took a similar close-up of an Insect but it was a Hoverfly on a Flower. I pretty much like those Snapshots of Nature and Insects.

As always, here is the list of all the other Flower Photos we took and uploaded to the Blog:

Two attempts to photograph a Blowball
A Photo of a Hoverfly sitting on a yellow Flower
This yellow Flower is very pretty
The orange beautiful Flower
Some new Flower Photos, a Spider and the new Digital Camera
This Flower isn´t dangerous
A Flower which could play Music or not
Deep Inside the Flowerbed
A pretty yellow Flower and the Bugs
A pink Flower for Birthday


5 thoughts on “A close-up Shot of a Bumblebee which is collecting Pollen from a yellow Flower

    1. It was really a lucky shot. The focus of my camera is somewhat slow and moving my hands would make it worse. But the bee was hard working and didn´t notice me so that I had time enough for many shots and then I found one great photo later. 🙂 This Bee is really funny.. your right 🙂 Thanks for the comment.

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