Grandma and Grandpa invited us on Saturday for Barbecue on the Campground

On Saturday my Mother, her Husband and his Son and me were invited to the Nature in Salem. We planned this spontaneous like I mentioned here as Grandma and Grandpa invited us to have some Time together while eating Strawberry Pie and to cook with the Grill.

Grandma and Grandpa rent a Place on the Campground in Salem since many many years. I have been there so many times when I was a child. And it´s still fun today as there is a lot of Nature in Salem. But I told you about the River in Salem already in one of my Blogposts.

However. Arrived in Salem we all did great each other and had a Talk while we enjoyed Grandma´s Strawberry Pie. My Uncle and my Aunt were there as well.
We all enjoyed the Time together but after the Strawberry Pie my Mom, her Husband with his Son and me decided to go bathe in the Sea as we had Swimming Gear with us. And not only this. We had a Rubber Raft as well. And not without Reason. We wanted to enoy the Sea. Bathe was so much fun and using the Rubber Raft as well.


The Nature and Animal World there seems to be still well. Everything looks so vital there. We´ve seen a lot of Algae and Plants grow rampant to the Water Surface of the Sea. I wish I would have Photos of these Water Plants but I was to afraid to take the Digital Camera with me on the Rubber Raft when we noticed all the Plants.

We also noticed Tons of Reet growing extremely densely. In the Bush of Reet we noticed thousand of young Dragonflies which flew over the Water as well. We did paddle over to the Reet and noticed Nests of Birds, differend Central European Snakes and Water Rats while we listened to the Songs of the Crickets and Frogs. Birds did fly over us and when we watched back in the Water, then we noticed little Shoals of the Stickleback Fish and they seemed to be not afraid of our little Boat. It is truly a big obtained Piece of Nature and Life. For seconds I had the feeling I paddle through the River Amazon, it was so beautiful but it was the German Nature with it´s own Life, the Salemer Sea. Not less beautiful then any other beautiful habitat in the World. I will tell you on the End of the Blogpost that we did hike as well so that I was able to take some Photos from the Riverbank. I will upload some here in the Blogpost and some others soon in upcoming Photography Blogposts.


So after two Hours the Weather changed and we decided to pack up our Things and went back to the Camping Site as Grandpa and Grandma anyway gave us a Time because we wanted to enjoy a Barbecue together.

Arrived we noticed Grandpa already on the Grill…

We had everything there. A lot of Steack, Sausages and Shashlik. Grandma made one of her famous Salads and warmed up Baguettes. We had differend Spices and Sauces. The Herbed Butter was a blast. Nobody said “no” to the Herbed Butter… it was simply a culinary delight when we did put the Butter on the Meat. I bet I did forget to mention anything because the Table was full of tasty Stuff. After the Barbecue I felt so sated but still noticed all the tasty Stuff. It´s funny.. you can´t eat more but you would like to eat more. We again talked much enjoyed our Time and finally decided to wander through a Forest Area near the Sea…


Again we´ve seen so many Life.. so many Animals. We found again Algaes and Plants in the Water. We also found many Mussels in the River and my Mother´s Husband said that this is again a Sign that the River and Nature around here is pretty intact. I thought he is right and did agree with him. Everything seemed so vital.


We´ve seen many Animals like Birds, Mouses, Rats, Snails, Snakes, Lizards and differend kind of Insects in a pretty short period of Time. Again I must say this Place is alive and intact. A pretty great habitat where Animals can retract.


It was such a beautiful Experience. We went back to Grandma and Granpa to say “Thank you for the wonderful Day and Goodbye!” and drove back to Lübeck. I am sure Grandma and Grandpa were happy about our visit as well. We had a great Day together.


Arrived back in Lübeck my Mom, her Husband and his Son, my Uncle, my Aunt decided to meet each other on my Mother´s Balcony to talk some more while drinking some Beer. As the Weather was mixed all the day.. warm and sometimes rainy, the Air now was pretty fine. From the Balcony we seen an active Front.. a Storm but just far away. We´ve seen Thunderbolt´s and noticed the Sounds far away. But we wasn´t sure.. it might have been Summer Lightning as well.

Very late we decided to stop our Meeting. We had fun and we got tired. Everyone went Home. Me too, but on the way home alone I experienced something I mentioned here.

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